The Wonder Years | Tweens, the forgotten age group for pictures

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So you have a son or daughter that are in that awkward age group?
The term coined [Tween]

You know, the preadolescent group?

Too old for dolls, but too young for boys. The age beginning around 5th grade and extending through 8th grade? 10-14..and I may be pushing the 14, but want to include it. [Tween] is the time when puberty is around the corner or is already bashing in the door? This is the age of rapid social development both emotionally as well as physically. Your child may ‘know it all’, but may still want to hold your hand, have a snuggle followed by the next second wanting to just be left alone. Let’s face it, these years are strange for your child and for you as a parent.

Unfortunately, this [Tween] group  is widely forgotten about by many parents photography wise. You capture the cute years from kindergarten through to fourth and maybe fifth grade with the school photographer. Typically your child will change rapidly in the way they look during their elementary years. Middle school age children change a great deal from 6-8th grades, but these are the awkward stages. The not so (sometimes) photographic your child will be in their lifetime and just the year book photo or iphone pictures are all you have invested in for these years. Maybe your child hasn’t grown into their lanky arms and legs or rather large feet? They have braces, glasses and are trying to figure out where they fit in!

But don’t you want to celebrate this stage? There’s proof that they will outgrow this awkward stage, but let’s celebrate it. 

Don’t forget about your [Tween]!

Scheduling them for a photography session can capture who they are during these awkward years of life and actually give them a confidence boost!! Looking back, you will be glad you took the time to photograph them! Before you know it, you are deep into SAT, ACT, AP, college searching and prom. It’s just around the corner from the [Tween] stage and believe me, this time flies.

Capture these years…The Wonder Years…the [Tween] years.

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