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So, maybe you’ve found this blog by accident or by searching for a senior or teen portrait photographer for your  senior pictures. Maybe you’ve had your school portraits taken already this summer, maybe not. Maybe you are just researching the cost vs benefit of senior portraits by your school photographer (usually Life Touch, Prestige Portraits or similar subsidiary) vs an outside professional photographer. In either case,  jump for JOY! The differences in the workmanship with Turning Leaf Photography are clear in the final product images and complete experience comparable to that school portrait photography company! There simply is not a comparison. Period.
In almost all cases in the Atlanta, Ga area, the schools have your senior portrait locked up for a yearbook picture. That’s just the way it is…but that doesn’t mean you have to settle for that same school photo for your senior portraits for 2012 OR purchase any of those pictures from the school (though you may like to have a 5×7 for memories sake).
Ask yourself, will those portraits show who you are and where you are going? Will they reflect your true personality? Will you have a great memory from that experience in the gym, cafeteria or library photography set up (don’t laugh, I’m being serious!)? Most likely, no. BORING! Just let that picture be in the yearbook for your senior year so everyone can look alike and then call Turning Leaf Photography for a complete customized session that will knock your socks (or flip flops) off!

Year after year, seniors parents call us up and say it cost less for a senior session, including products with Turning Leaf Photography than it does to order their school senior portraits AND graduation announcements from the school! Yes, they add it all up and that’s what they say! Who wants boring graduation announcements to send out during the most important time of their life and who wants boring senior pictures hanging on their walls? Why pay their price for sub-par photography, EXTRA retouching and boring portraits?

Yes, you read that right. Our customized, personalized, one-on-one attention typically costs less than the little bit of time you will spend having your senior high school graduation portraits made at the school in the gym or cafeteria, including prints and announcements. Why would you do that to yourself? Why be boring and hum-drum and spend more for less, when you can have awesome, custom photography that looks like it belongs in a magazine!? Something that is all you and portraits you will be proud of for years to come and custom graduation announcements are just the icing on the cake?!

Follow this homework assignment-I know it’s summer, but give it a try if you are serious about great photography for your senior pictures (this won’t be as hard as math class):

1) check out Turning Leaf Photography’s website to view more awesome senior portraits.
2) check out our Facebook page and join us  by clicking ‘like’ to stay up to date on what’s going on and interact with us!
3) check out our AWESOME five star reviews (because parents love that-trust me!). And then do a web search (via any search engine) for Turning Leaf Photography Georgia and see what you find. Go ahead, try it!
4) then….compare Turning Leaf Photography to other photographers in the area (I really mean that). Search for a senior portrait photographer in your city, Ga. There’s nothing for us to hide-come on, try it! Check out the quality of their photographs, their website, their reviews and what they offer. Do they offer on-location and in-studio? Keep in mind when searching, there are TONS of photographers flooding the market, all with different levels of photography experience including equipment, services, prices and products. You get what you pay for and most likely a low cost for everything photographer is someone starting out or desperate for work and will not be comparable to Turning Leaf Photography. Also, someone who suggests printing your photos at Costco, Walmart or Walgreens probably isn’t a photographer who cares about the quality of their work very much. But see for yourself.
5) give us a call 678.920.8216 or use the Turning Leaf Photography contact form if you like what you see!

Yes that’s right…compare us across the board! You won’t regret doing your homework! If you find something you like better than Turning Leaf Photography, that’s great! If you love what Turning Leaf Photography offers, even better! Give us a call today for your own custom session and senior experience with the Create You session! Either way, you haven’t lost out!

Sessions are already booking into August. Only a limited number of sessions are booked per day/week/month to allow for quality assurance and maximum custom experience!

Creating art, Capturing memories…Because a photograph never grows up! Turning Leaf Photography

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