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As a photographer I deal with the most common fear of all…a phobia about posting a picture for ‘the world to see’.  

Online dating is serious business. And it is not easy…for many it can be like working a crossword puzzle. In fact for most persons finding themselves in the world of online dating, it can be downright intimidating! To even begin searching for Mr. or Mrs. Right, you have to select the online site that is best for you, write your profile, answer personality and interests questions and oh by the way…..upload a profile picture! This is where you ask yourself…which picture do I use, is mine recent, do I look my best? On top of this, online dating can become somewhat expensive. However, online dating is an investment in your future and you want to make the most out of the time you are using your online dating service. 

If you are pursuing the world of online dating, choosing a profile picture can seem daunting! However, you are not alone and your online dating profile picture is more important than you think!

 According to, men are 14 times more likely to look at a female profile with a photo and women are 8.5 times more likely. Are you hiding behind a mask in your online dating profile? Do you have a dark or fuzzy profile picture, or picture with other people that are with you cropped out? Better yet, did your friend take your picture…or worse did you take it yourself in a mirror? You may be doing more harm than good! A good profile picture can increase your chances dramatically!
Ok, so Turning Leaf Photography can help me with my online dating profile picture, but why is a photo so important anyway?
*Maybe you don’t want to use a profile picture, but think again. Some people don’t trust the internet enough to show a photo of themselves, but chances are many people won’t trust you enough to believe you are who you are without a profile picture! Would you trust someone without a profile picture? People want to know who they are going to meet and what they look like.
    *Having an online dating profile picture shows you are serious about your future love life and that you care enough to show who you are up front.
    *The dating site you are using may provide you with additional benefits if you do have a profile picture. They also may require specific sizing requirements for your images to be uploaded, we can help you with this!
    *Many people will not reply to a profile without an online dating profile picture. Would you be interested in a car for sale if there wasn’t a picture provided? Without a picture, you are limiting your chances of being seen. 
So why choose Turning Leaf Photography for your online dating profile picture?
*Most importantly, we will make you look your best while working to bring out your best features, without overdoing it! Need a make-up artist on board? We offer that too!
*We will help you with ‘What to Wear’. This also includes tons of our tips and tricks to get ready for your photo session! There’s more to this than meets the eye…!
*You will have a consultation to plan the best pictures for you, either by email or phone.  
   *We will help you choose the right location to suit your personality or you may even come to the studio for your portraits.
    *Most people feel unnatural in front of the camera and we will help you relax!
    *We will give you the right file sizes for your image to be displayed correctly within your online dating site!
    Turning Leaf Photography has great reviews and you can view them yourself HERE. Check out the Turning Leaf Photography website for samples of our work! We service all of metro Atlanta. Call today for your own Dating Profile Picture session! Find more information about the investment for online dating and website profile pictures by visiting our investment page.


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