In the garden… {Photographer Atlanta, Ga}

Hi Blogger! Long time no see! I actually made this post quite awhile ago and Blogger gave me a really hard time posting it, so here it is finally posted….! I’ve been busy the past few weeks and hope to be back on blogger in a more regular pattern! I’ve missed you blogger!
I love getting out and taking pictures in my yard, these are from earlier this summer. This year I have a BEAUTIFUL purple hydrangea…I didn’t do anything special to make it this color, but it’s so pretty! I have some pretty blue ones also…
I’m not sure what these are called..!! Anyone?
This year I planted tomatos and cucumbers in a little raised garden. I’ve been fighting some little munchkins though. These little grape tomatoes are in a pot…they’ve been eaten now (by us and other munchkins)! But I love the size and colors, how they lined up and ripened like they did! I love tomato!!!
I have a slight passion for coneflowers. This year my purple cone flowers aren’t in masses like they were last year, but thanks to the gold finches, they have spread nicely and naturally through my flower garden. This year I added white and two varieties of pink (which I haven’t gotten pictures of yet…maybe next year!).
The elusive butterfly…er moth. I actually was in search of a beautiful butterfly and they proved to be rather elusive. So instead I captured a bee on my lambs ear and a moth on my butterfly bush. I’ve since seen some butterflies, yellow and black and black with blue on my bush (which is like a tree rather) and of course I didn’t have my camera with me! By the way, if you ever want any lambs ear, like seen below…I have TONS. Let me know!
{here is a zoom of the original picture, in case you missed it….}
G +
T w i t t e r
F a c e b o o k
P i n t e r e s t