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Earlier this year I received one of THE most exciting calls in my professional photography career! A call for booking a maternity/newborn sessions for triplet newborns that were due in October 2012. 
But wait…not only triplets… identical twin boys and a sister.
(yes, I could hear angels trumpeting and singing hallelujah!)
Mom was so excited about planning her perfect maternity session and she was doing due diligence in scheduling far in advance! We picked the perfect location and were busy making plans…and we had her on the calendar for July. However, mom ended up on bed rest right when her maternity session was scheduled…and shortly thereafter, she was in the hospital on bed rest for monitoring, with an unsure date for delivery! No maternity session could be done outdoors like we had planned and mom was bummed. I told her it was ok, I will make it up to her (hoping I could in fact do so!).
Happily, I did go and meet mom at the hospital and we had a great visit. I was also able to talk her into having a few pictures made in her hospital room and gown (promised not for public viewing). Now mind you a hospital gown is not the most flattering of attire for maternity pictures, but I felt it was an important part of the family journey and she happily agreed once we met. 
I received a call late in August that it was time and the baby’s were coming – the C-section has been moved up from 9/15! I was one of the first to find out the delivery date of August 31, 2012 mind you and this was much earlier than what the real due date should have been in October. I was literally jumping for joy though, as we planned on pictures of the babies in the NICU. 
When I was at the NICU taking pictures, I was told that as parents, they had not been answering calls, emails or texts from friends and family. That only their parents knew the babies had been born!   They felt badly not letting everyone know that they had arrived…they just wanted everything to be calm and deliver the good news when the time was right.
I am so blessed and honored to have been able to capture some of the most precious newborn pictures I have ever had the pleasure of taking! The baby’s were just 7 days old when these pictures were taken and just over 3 lb each when born.

I really felt so honored knowing about the babies being born, I wanted so badly for the friends and family of the baby’s to also know and see what I had seen…a little window into this miracle that had taken place! While mom and dad had just wanted to have one image or two to send out in an email format, that was not going to cut it for me! No way…everyone had to see the ‘big picture’! I came up with the concept of a ‘slideshow birth announcement’, an idea which mom and dad loved and I quickly turned this around for them to email the great news to others! I heard the slideshow was received with overwhelming tears of joy by all. And how wonderful it was to have been able to see the photos of the baby’s as the announcement of their birth.
As predicted, it took a little while for the little ones to grow to normal baby weight and be ready to head home. But finally all the baby’s were home and healthy. They were ready for their in-studio session! We were right on target, as the real ‘due date’ for the babies, if they had gone full term, would have been just two weeks prior to our studio pictures!
Originally, I had scheduled my sister, Kara Sutton, to come and help with the triplet session as she is a Post Par-tum Doula and excellent with babies too, however she was under the weather and recovering from a last minute surgery herself. I was flying solo and felt very confident about tackling the trio! 
I must admit, the baby’s were completely amazing – and I was smitten!! We were able to capture so many great pictures. Mom even deemed me ‘the baby whisperer’ as I honestly could not keep the baby’s awake for open eye pictures! 
The visit to the studio was the first visit out and about that wasn’t involving a pediatrician! The triplets sure were looking quite ‘grown up’ comparable to the first meeting we had! 
Notice, the twin boys on the bottom left. But also notice just ‘how identical’ all three of them look when side by side! I have to give a super HUGE kudos to mom and dad for doing such an amazing job with these babies! They are each so incredibly precious. And while I cannot imagine having triplets myself, I am absolutely honored to have met this beautiful family and capture their most precious moments! I cannot wait to see this trio grow up and look forward to capturing their milestones! 

And last but not least, a huge shout out to Devoted Knits and Trae for being so generous in working with me in the collaboration on the newborn hats which are included in the above pictures: mustard bonnet and grey pebble beanie duo. If you are in search of some amazing handmade knit newborn props, head to her site and check it out – tell her Turning Leaf Photography sent you – you will not be disappointed!!

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